Spor is an innovative research project and a tech start-up. We work with semantic knowledge graph software, and our goal is to empower exploratory research in all fields.

Ever expanding data sources and complex IT-systems makes it increasingly more time consuming to answer research questions such as: Who is the expert source in a specific field of research? What information does my organisation possesses about a certain project or specific persons? Or how is a group of stakeholders connected to one another?

To achieve overview and the ability to discover such connections, new technology is needed to present and constellate knowledge across different data sources - public as well as private.

At Spor, we apply AI– and knowledge graph technologies which allows intelligent tools to understand information in a specific context. On this basis, we can build interactive data visualisations, multi-faceted research tools, and transparent recommender engines.

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Spor Bias

Spor Bias empowers KYC-, CRM-, and AML-processes and helps analyse relations between organisations and persons and identify potential bias. Different datasets can be integrated so that networks across e.g. the Danish CVR database and an organisation's internal systems can be identified.

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Network analysis

Ever wondered how stakeholders in a specific field are related? Spor can integrate both public and private data, so that your private email database, public datasets and your organisation's intranet can form the foundation for intelligent network analysis.

Knowledge consolidation

Spor manages knowledge across platforms and applications. This way, you can easily get an overview of what information you and your company possess about a specific person, project or topic.

Recommender engines

Spor is based on knowledge graph technology which is both powerful and transparent. As an example, our knowledge graph technology can be used for building semantic recommender engines which at the same time can tell the end-user why specific content is being recommended.

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Spor Bias

Spor Bias helps you check business relations and networks for potential bias.

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Spor Education

Spor Education helps you get an overview of the thousands of educational opportunities available in Denmark.

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Spor Explorer

Spor Explorer is a generic interface to support explorative research and investigation in several datasets.

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Get Involved

At Spor, we are currently looking for collaborators, clients, colleagues, research projects, or any other arena where we can test how our software can help solve challenges in specific contexts.

Please reach out, if you are working with research, need a tool to speed up your workflow, or I you have an idea to where our knowledge graph software might come in handy.

Find our contact details below – and we can build something great together!